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Strong Workforce Program (SWP) and 17% Incentive Funding Webinar Recording [Fall 2020]

Strong Workforce Program (SWP) 2019-20 Dashboard Release and 17% Incentive Funding Webinar Recording 11.9.20

  • Topics

    Communications, Understanding Data
  • Dashboard

    Strong Workforce Program

  • Audience

    Administrator, Communications Staff, Dean/Director, Faculty, Key Talent, Researcher, Student Service

  • Author

    Jessica Chittaphong

Recording of the Strong Workforce Program (SWP) 2019-20 Dashboard Release Webinar hosted by the California Community College Chancellor's Office. Covers an overview of the SWP 17% Incentive Funding process, updates for the 2019-20 build of the SWP, and gives viewers an orientation to the dashboard.

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