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Community College Pipeline (CCP) Dashboard Release Webinar Recording [Fall 2022]

Recording from the Community College Pipeline (CCP) Dashboard Webinar Fall 2022 on 12.08.22.

  • Topics

    Communications, Understanding Data
  • Dashboard

    Community College Pipeline

  • Audience

    Administrator, Communications Staff, Consortium Staff, Dean/Director, Faculty, Key Talent, Researcher, Student Service

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Slides from the Community College Pipeline (CCP) Dashboard Webinar--Fall 2022. This webinar offers an in-depth explanation of the Community College Pipeline Dashboard, including a live demo of the dashboard. In this webinar you will learn how: 
• The nearly 150 metrics in the Community College Pipeline enhance the data in the Student Success Metrics and Strong Workforce Program dashboards for conducting local program review or for fulfilling other requirements for student data
• The dashboard has been improved in the latest release, including a new metric, a new drilldown and user interface (UI) improvements
• To understand and navigate the data provided in the drilldowns and equity gap charts for access, completion and transfer in order to support conversations around what your college, district or region can do to address persistent equity gaps
• Labor market information from Lightcast (formerly Emsi) data has been brought into the Community College Pipeline for users to easily access metrics including jobs, annual openings, skills, qualifications, and employers for your region or statewide