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  • Topics

    Adult Education, Local Planning, Program Development, Regional Planning, Understanding Data
  • Dashboard

    Adult Education Pipeline

  • Audience

    Administrator, Dean/Director, Faculty, Key Talent, Researcher, Student Service, Adult Educator, Consortium Staff

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Use the CAEP Fact Sheets How To Guide to easily explore local demographic data, identified Adult Education Pipeline dashboard data, and Labor Market Information for your consortium or region. This dashboard and guide have been designed to help you develop your consortium's Three Year Plan. The How To Guide will walk you through the features of the dashboards (such as how to use filters) and provides helpful tips. It also provides scenarios as examples of how to ask good questions and dig deeper so that you can conduct a thorough needs assessment, identify equity and service gaps, evaluate services and programming offerings, and identify targets and outcomes. This guide offers an easy to follow layout, screenshots, and clear instructions.