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Student Equity Plan Data: An Introduction for Planners Webinar Slides [Spring 2022]

Slides of Student Equity Plan Data: An Introduction for Planners Webinar, May 5, 2022.

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  • Topics

    Communications, Local Planning, Program Development, Program Review, Regional Planning, Student Advising, Understanding Data
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    Student Success Metrics

  • Audience

    Communications Staff, Dean/Director, Faculty, Key Talent, Researcher, Student Service

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This introductory session provides: 1) an overview of the data for Student Equity Planning; 2) how the data is disaggregated; and 3) what it means when a student group is experiencing “disproportionate impact.” Participants will gain a foundational understanding of student equity plan data so they are better prepared to plan and act to close equity gaps. The session includes examples on how to apply the data to guide equity planning, including suggestions for identifying target student populations; actions to kick-off planning with the planning committee; and where to access additional resources to inform strategies.